Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Independent Living

Sorry I have been absent for some time. I have basically officially moved over to Sheffield in the period I haven't been posting. Even though I've been a student here for nearly a year (passed first year with a 2:1, proud of me) university holidays are infamously long and I was home every few weeks for quite some time every time so Sheffield never officially felt like 'home'. However, I needed something to do this summer and I needed money. The latter particularly badly so the natural conclusion was a job. While I'd love to go off and do something thrilling and exciting like trekking across Eastern Europe and saving orphans it was early June when I realised my Summer was basically plan-free, thus too late to organise anything outrageous so I started, in my usual, style to frantically panic about what to do. When I moved back home I applied everywhere for jobs but most places shrugged or explained they needed permanent staff and the rest simply never got back to me. In the end I felt a bit deflated and I realised that I had fallen back into a routine at home of doing sweet FA so I decided on a whim to come back to Sheffield and try to get a job here and lo and behold I got one! It is only a waitressing job at a chain restaurant but all the staff are lovely and with tips the pay is decent.

Our beloved (and slightly battered) poster of Audrey Hepburn that graces the living room wall.

I've moved into a student house with five friends, however there are only two of us actually living here over Summer. And even then, my housemate Nile is a musician so is frequently gone for long periods of time. It can get a bit lonely at times but living independently means I get so much done. I've started reading properly again and slowly getting back into drawing. I'm also learning to make proper wholesome meals for myself. I will happily confess that I am a decent cook but last year I fell into a lazy routine of 'easy food' which wasn't particularly healthy and I've since discovered that buying the very basics of a dish can be cheaper than buying the finished thing pre-packaged. It is daunting living on my own but it will be worth the money and the experience. I used to ring my parents like once a week during uni as I was surrounded by friends and flatmates but now I'm on the phone everyday!

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