Thursday, 13 September 2012

Dolly's Delights

Published on Forge Press Online, the University of Sheffield's Student Newspaper 10/09/12
Back in May, Lifestyle went down to the Nicholls Building in Shalesmoor to speak with Dolly (AKA Jan Lupson) of Dolly’s Delights. Saturday August 18 marked the first birthday of her vintage clothing business, based in the vibrant setting of the Nicholls Building, with a weekend full of celebrations to mark a very successful year. Alice Burrow went to represent Lifestyle and see what was going on…

It was my first visit to the Nicholls Building and I couldn’t believe that I had been missing out for all this time! Situated on the main road in Shalesmoor, the Nicholls Building was home to a grocery wholesalers from the late 1800s but it is now home to an eclectic mix of vintage clothing and antique dealers, Dolly’s Delights being just one of them. It is the first unit you are greeted by when you enter the large first floor of the building, bursting with antique treasures. I spent ages browsing through Dolly’s wonderful wares and was particularly taken with an amazing vintage fur stole and a kitsch Coca Cola tin.
I found Dolly (Jan) upstairs in Gordie Cavill’s studio amongst piles of vintage clothing and I was immediately graced with some free dolly mixture (much appreciated!). Fortunately, the strangely murky weather hadn’t damped spirits and she excitedly ran over the day’s events, which had included a radio interview with BBC Radio Sheffield.
As part of the birthday celebrations, Dolly was collaborating with photographer Gordie Cavill of Source Photography who occupies the top floor of the Nicholls Building. He kindly let me take a photo of Dolly and it was much appreciated that he didn’t laugh at my simple point and shoot camera, which looked pretty feeble amongst all his equipment! Dolly’s Delights was offering 10% off all weekend and released 12 red balloons, one for every month of the business, into the Sheffield sky with gift vouchers attached. They’re still out there so keep your eyes peeled for deflated red balloons lurking in the bushes! For those who sadly missed out on the weekend, there are still various competitions running onDolly’s Facebook page. If vintage clothing, crafts and creative vibes are your kind of thing then get yourself down to the Nicholls Building and explore the treasures lurking within.
We’d like to wish Dolly’s Delights a very happy 1st birthday, hopefully there will be many more years of antique treasures and celebrating to come!

Alice Burrow
Photos by Source Photography


  1. Photos by Source Photography

    1. Sorry Gordie, I completely forgot to add credit! That has been fixed now. Thanks again