Sunday, 24 February 2013

Jackets and Jackets and Jackets

After an absolutely amazing weekend in Prague, I've spent the rest of this week curled up in bed nursing the flu. In between trying to get my housemates to venture out and bring me back supplies and making very ill noises down the phone to my mum, I managed to find the time to fit in watching some of the fall shows. When I'm feeling a bit more up to it then I'll write up my thoughts on the shows. However, I thought I'd do a quick post on a trend that I can't seem to get away from but am really loving... layering jackets!

It has been seen both on the streets and on the catwalk, most recently in the A/W13 DKNY show.

DKNY A/W13 (photos from

I particularly love the black/grey/white contrasts and different jacket lengths as shown above with the cropped jacket paired with a blazer at DKNY. I think a classic coat such as a pea coat or trench coat and a blazer underneath is the best way to work this trend but I've seen great casual versions the trend  such as on this off-duty model below, who looks great with a shearling coat and simple hoodie:

Credit: jak&jil

Source Unknown

I have work experience in a few weeks where I will be required to dress smartly so I'll use that as an excuse to pair my new Zara blazer with my coat. If I did it for lectures it would probably look a little too smart amongst the sea of hoodies...

All from Topshop


  1. I've been searching for a smart blazer for months now! I just can't find one anywhere, well not one within my budget anyway! Can you recommend any that are on the cheaper side that still look reasonably smart? Thanks :)

    1. Hey there, I'd recommend having a look in Primark or H&M. They're bound to have smart (but cheap!) jackets and if you get the right cut it can look like an expensive one. I've seen some great ones recently with leather contrast collars and small details like that which are a really good twist on the classic black blazer. If you can afford to spend a bit more then definitely check out Zara, I'm in love with their blazers.