Friday, 22 March 2013

Miroslava Duma

I have been meaning to write a post about my current style obsession, Miroslava Duma, for a very long time. However, real life issues (uni work, cake baking, serving pizzas...) seem to get in the way and besides, the longer I leave it, the more images surface on the internet that make me fall even harder for her style. Every outfit looks like it has been carefully considered right down to the very last detail. However, I suspect that for the pint-sized Russian editor this is a completely effortless process. Miroslava is a firm favourite with the street style photographers at all the major fashion weeks and parties. While she regularly cobbles together an array of luxury western designer pieces, she prefers to champion Russian designers such as Vika Gazinskaya and Alexander Terekhov. Russia is shaking off the style-less abyss of the USSR and a fledgling design industry is slowly emerging in Moscow.

photo credit: street peeper

photo credit: Mr Newton

photo credit: stockholm-streetstyle

photo credit: Vanessa Jackman

photo credit: streetfsn

photo credit: unknown

I have this obsession with dressing smartly (who knows..) so I relished the opportunity to wear my beloved Zara leather collared blazer that fits like a dream this week while I had work experience at a local newspaper. These images of Miroslava, particularly the one where she is wearing the amazing black trouser one-piece, makes me wish I had a high flying job that enabled me to power dress all the time... just perhaps without the stress?


  1. O I love her so much! She's gorgeous

  2. Wow! Her style is stunning! Love all of these looks! Great post!

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