Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Long time, no speak

I thought I'd just catch up quickly with what the past couple of months have contained for me. I've got some blog posts in the pipeline so things should be fairly back to normal soon. (Got a pinafore dress on the way to me in the post, yeah!)

I have uni exams in early June so my time has pretty much been consumed by this:

However, the past couple of months have not consisted entirely of this. I also went out dressed as a golfer to celebrate handing in our massive 5k essays, which didn't go very smoothly after West St Live (if you're from Sheffield, you'll know):

(me in center)

I visited a housemate in Manchester and was treated to amazing weather. We just hung out in his garden all day:

Many months of saving have accumulated in a new turntable/amp/speaker setup. My old record player was one of those all-in-one jobs and it sounded like the music was being played through a tin can which was not good! This new one is amazing and its such a pleasure to be able to listen to records again:

A few recent record purchases:

(L-R: 'Sufer Rosa - Pixies, 'Repeater' - Fugazi, 'An Awesome Wave' - Alt-J)

Back to fashion-related posts soon I promise!

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  1. Love this! I currently own two record players, one basically antique, one new, but they're both rubbish! saving up for a new one, this may go on the wishlist..

    Bumble Speaks