Saturday, 26 December 2015

Pick of the Xmas Sales

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you've all had a great festive period and are suitably stuffed after yesterday's food-fest. This time of the year also signals the start of the winter sales so I figured I'd do a selection of the best sale picks I could find online. If you like anything I have posted then I recommend you act fast as the best stuff always goes very quickly. For example, I bought a couple of items from the Urban Outfitters sale on Christmas Eve and by the time I came to do this post today they had gone! I can't deal with the horrid stress of sales crowds and therefore online sales are perfect! You just have to know when to expect them - usually they're released online earlier than they are in store so 24th/25th of December. Also just a note to say sorry I haven't posted in a long time but my final year of university is proving to be very hard work so this semi-hiatus looks set to continue. However, I do really appreciate those who have stuck with the blog!


I'm guilty of picking a few of items I already own in a couple of these sale picks. In my Topshop picks I already own the cami, the chunky tread loafers, and the baseball-style sweatshirt. However, they're all items I wear to death so I have not got that annoying sinking feeling of having paid full price for something then having spotted it at half the price in a sale not long after! Perhaps some would disagree but I still don't feel like the 'mom' jean tread has completely run its course and these darker blue denim ones are the perfect turn-up jeans. I haven't really been into the light wash denim ones, perhaps because blue denim really isn't my 'thing', but these Topshop ones are a great compromise. The devore dress is not something I would usually go for but I think the detailing is stunning and it would look amazing with a pair of black glitter heels, matching clutch bag, and an OTT fur coat for a great night out look. I have this blue camisole in black and white and have found them absolutely invaluable. I highly recommend you snap this up now while its such a low price because they look great on their own in summer or layered under plaid shirts and fluffy cardigans in winter. The heavy tread on these loafers is reminiscent of the Stella McCartney treads. I have had these shoes for a few months now and I absolutely love them (unsurprising as I have already spoken at length about my affinity for ugly shoes!). However, I have had a very split opinion on them from friends and family!

Urban Outfitters

The Urban Outfitters sale is always great for jewellery because, as lovely as it is, it is eye-stingingly expensive at full non-sale price! If this gold square pendant was silver, I would have snapped it up right away. However, while I don't really suit gold, I do love simple jewellery and this would look so good over a simple black shift dress or bodycon. I bought the Cheap Monday paperclip necklace from their Carnaby Street store when I went down for LFW in September and have worn it pretty much daily ever since. The glitter clutch would make for a very classy night out bag or even just a jazzy makeup/wash bag. The Grafea leather bags are rather expensive but I think this is a sale bargain because a good quality leather backpack, this the one above, isn't going to go out of trend for some time yet. I have been digging these lace dresses, that verge dangerously on lingerie, all winter but just haven't found the perfect one yet. Perhaps I should invest in this one before it disappears!


A couple of years ago I bought the long-sleeved Gabby dress from Motel and despite only having worn it on a few occasions, its one of the best clothing purchases I have ever made. I get compliments on it every time I wear it and I don't feel like its out of trend yet. It is very similar to the Zabby dress I have included above. Some would say that dungarees and pinafores are over now but I still think there is a time and place for them. I see a lot of girls at raves and bars wearing glitter tops underneath pinafore dresses and they look fab, kind of wish I had got on board with that before christmas! The tie-dye suni dress would make for a great daytime purchase with docs and an oversized cocoon coat. I tried on the off-the-shoulder bodycon version of the rose printed dress above a few months ago in Ark. Sadly the style of dress just didn't suit me but I absolutely love the broken rose print.


Zara was by far the best sale I came across this year. They don't do massive discounts but they do put pretty much their entire website on sale so it is kind of worth it. I have been dithering over these massive scarves since Zara brought them out earlier this year and I really wanted the red and black version but I have this lovely tartan scarf from Urban Outfitters that serves me well so there really wasn't any point! The coat in the centre is very Celine and I think, providing it isn't too thick, would take you through to spring. However, if you want to channel the Celine vibe without committing to something big like this coat then I recommend the skirt in the bottom left hand corner. The checked lingerie dress is another lust item from Zara. On their website they have styled it over a black turtleneck which is something I would never have thought of but its a pretty genius way of making something small and slinky weather appropriate for winter!

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  1. I would love to go to Urban Outfitters! I love love love their clothes and books :) xx

  2. Love those Zara printed trousers, have been looking for a pair forever, but I am a little too chicken to wear them...
    Love the post!

  3. Wow great post! I'm trying so hard to avoid sale shopping this year… one of my new year's resolutions is to start budgeting, eek! I'd check out the Cos sale to :) xx

  4. I'm trying to avoid the sales (especially Zara) because I always regret it when all the new season stuff comes in and I have no money! Love your picks though, especially that denim baseball top xxx

  5. great post! would you like to follow eachother?