Friday, 18 May 2012

CJG for Topshop

Chloe Green, daughter of Arcadia billionaire Phillip Green, has just released her first shoe collection for Topshop. When I first heard this was going to happen I suspected it was a case of "Daddy I WANT to design a shoe collection!" However, I have been pleasantly surprised as it is a pretty decent collection.

Not revolutionary in any way but there are certainly a few pairs of shoes that catch my eyes in this collection such as the black CJG court pumps with the studded detailing on the back. I think its very promising for her future efforts but the collection would benefit from a reduction in price. Even for Topshop, they are just too expensive ranging from £115 - £175.

CJG Stud Back Court Shoes - SOLD OUT

I'm unsure how to feel about the 'signature' mint green sole. Clearly inspired by Christian Louboutin, which Green makes no secret of. However, to me it isn't just the cherry red colour that belongs to Louboutin, it's the idea full stop that every shoe should have the same sole colour. Its something he obviously feels strongly about, reflected in a recent interview with Melanie Rickey in Ponystep:

"You know I respect people. Sometimes you are designing things and you look closely and you think it looks too much like something of a certain designer. If I see that in my work then I immediately erase it, so it’s not even talking about logos or signatures of different brands. I would never approach that type of thing, never. Also, your work is about creating. You have to have your brain functioning rather than just copying, you know? You can’t be in both fields, you have to decide."

It'll be interesting to see if he voices an opinion on the CJG line.


  1. I'm not keen. they all look a bit 'TOWIE'! lol

    btw I'm hosting a £500 competition for Next on my blog
    It would be great if you could enter as it's such a massive prize.

    Sheree xx

  2. Completely agree with you about this collection - great shoes but they would have been so much better at the more 'usual' Topshop price of around £80. Definitely going to be admiring from afar rather than purchasing!

    Hannah x