Monday, 22 October 2012

Oops... Recent Haul

Sorry for the absence, been very busy with general uni stuff but I'm making a concerted effort to get back into blogging. Meanwhile, I've not been so sensible with money over the past month or so and have quite hastily stocked up on my winter wardrobe. I've tried to justify most of them by claiming they're things I needed but some... not so much.

Coat - Zara - £139.99

Yeah it hurt to type that out. The coat did indeed cost me £140, no student discounts or anything but its damn beautiful so that consoles me slightly. I'm in the process of selling my Debenhams coat from last year to lessen the price blow a bit but I am really pleased with this one. I've been after a leather jacket and a smart black winter coat so it kinda kills two birds with one stone.

Backpack - Urban Outfitters (Mens) - £44 (includes 20% discount)

This is the first of my student discount purchases. The big shopping centre in Sheffield is Meadowhall and every year they have a student 'lock-in' where big stores like Topshop have 20% off. While I don't turn my nose up at Topshop 20% off (as you'll find out in a minute...) they do it quite often but its great for shops like Urban Outfitters that rarely do above the usual 10%. Last year I used a tatty leather satchel I'd gotten off ASOS for uni. It had frankly seen better days and carrying books on one shoulder was starting to hurt so I decided on a practical purchase for once. Its a guy's bag and kind of oversized but I love it. I kind of want it to get beaten up a bit and look worn and the badge collection was bigger than that but they have a habit of falling off! I had a really great one that I got from a gig where a sub-pop band called Jaill were playing.

Leather Bag - Topshop - £60 (includes 20% discount)

When I got my first part time job at 16 I spent my first pay check on a lovely leather bag from Topshop that I used day in and day out religiously. Last year one of the handles dropped off and I reverted to using my beloved Rough Trade canvas. However, it's not really ideal for everyday and when I spotted this on a shelf in Topshop I instantly fell for it. I seriously love the shape of this bag and it feels like amazing quality.

Nighthawk studded boots - Office - £75 (includes 10% discount)

I remember seeing the original Chloe boot about two years ago and being a bit unsure about them but I needed to get some winter boots so I decided to try these Office copycat versions on and fell for them instantly. The buckle/stud detail is pretty badass so they're definitely the statement part of an outfit. They're also incredibly comfortable.

'a' Necklace - Accessorize - £4

I don't have much gold jewellery, always been more of a silver person, but this dinky little necklace just caught my eye. Works great on its own with white shirts and t-shirts.

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