Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nicolas Ghesquiere Departing from Balenciaga

I've been super busy with uni work and will be for a bit yet but wanted to just acknowledge (though pretty late on this one!) the departure of Nicolas Ghesquiere from Balenciaga after 15 years. Throughout my younger teenager years when I was just getting interested in fashion properly and discovering various fashion designers, labels and their styles, Balenciaga was one that always markedly stood out. I'm writing this as though its an obituary and its not of course! I look forwards to seeing what his next move is and what direction Balenciaga take after his departure.

Just a select few of my favourite Ghesquiere Balenciaga designs. The last one is from my all time favourite collection of his, spring 2011. Been trying to work a similar look recently (with jeans instead of the shorts...):

Fall 2006 RTW

Spring 2008 RTW

Spring 2011 RTW

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