Monday, 7 January 2013

Three Wishes and Two Resolutions

Happy new year! Hope you all had a lovely christmas and got what you wanted. I got the amazing Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty book and Grace Coddington's memoirs which I'll do a review of soon. This is just a quick one so here is my fresh (and brief) wish list for the start of 2013:

Dr Martens 1461 in Cherry Red

I am a massive Dr Martens fan. I've worn my first pair of Dr Martens to death over the past year, they're just great for stomping around Sheffield in the rain and mud. Plus they're incredibly comfortable. However, when I got them for my birthday last year it was a big toss up between the classic 1460s (which I got in the end) or the 1461s. I haven't decided between red or black yet but basically all my shoes are black so a bit of variety would be good. I'm going shopping in Manchester with Mum on my 20th (argh) birthday so I will pop into the Dr Martens shop and try these on.

New Balance 576

I go everywhere by foot these days and my feet are starting to look seriously beaten up so I'm accepting the need to dump the flimsy ballet flats in favour of comfortable shoes, or 'proper shoes' as my Mum would call them. I saw this look above posted on Tumblr a few weeks back and I can't stop thinking about how perfect these New Balance 576's are. There is a pair in my size going on eBay but I think I'm gonna hang fire until after my student loan comes in.

Mac Lipstick in 'Dubonnet'

I bought Revlon's 'Black Cherry' a couple of months ago and it is lovely but it is very dark so I can definitely only wear it on nights out. I am looking for a 'wearable' dark cherry lipstick that can work for day and night. MAC's 'Dubonnet'  isn't necessarily going to be the one I'll get because when I go shopping in Manchester, I'm going to pester the MAC consultants about their dark lipsticks and what they think may work best.

I have three main resolutions for this year:

1. Read More

Doing pretty well on this one, I've already got through Grace Coddington's memoirs, The Graduate and Brighton Rock this year. I love reading but I am always quite busy with uni and my part time job so I usually just crash into bed at night but am making an active effort this year to read every night before I go to sleep.

2. Cut down on Coca Cola

Anyone who knows me well will know that I am seriously addicted to Coca Cola. However, it is definitely not doing my poor teeth any favours so this year I am determined to make a serious effort to cut down and only have it as an occasional treat when I'm out and about.

What are your new years resolutions?


  1. Love the DMs! I think they shall go on my wish list too :)

    having a give away over on my blog if you would like to entry

    sara x

  2. LOvng this specially the DMs.. x