Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ay, Caramba!

I have been a fan of Jeremy Scott for many years. To me, he represents the epitome of young exciting designers that have burst onto the scene in recent years and his collaborations with Adidas have been hugely successful. The thing I love most about his work are the eccentric prints. The rose and plane print from Spring 2009 was an obsession for ages and I get really envious every time I see someone with a bag from the Longchamp collection.

Jeremy Scott x Longchamp (image credit)

As usual, Jeremy Scott’s fall 2012 collection was an explosion of colour, sequins and cartoons. Bart Simpson’s face adorned many looks in the collection. As someone who has been a life long Simpsons fan, I absolutely love that it has worked its way onto the catwalk.

Jeremy Scott Fall 2012 - images from

Model Cara Delevingne has really set this trend off after she was sighted in the sweater and skirt backstage at various fashion shows. She is so effortlessly cool and I think this is the spirit of Jeremy Scott’s clothing so it is a perfect pairing. I think the best way to work this trend would be to keep the rest simple so I’d probably pair the jumper with black leggings and doc martens or (if I was lucky enough to own some) UNIF Hellbounds. Cara Delevingne paired hers with a backpack and trainers which channels the fun childhood element of cartoons.

Cara Delevingne in Jeremy Scott (image credit)

Blogger favourite Romwe has got some impressive Jeremy Scott inspired pieces for a fraction of the price. However, the increasing popularity of this trend means they keep selling out. I've got my eye on this shirt like a hawk and should it restock (fingers crossed) I will more than likely snap it up. To me, this faded denim shirt with cartoon references feels really nineties – maybe it is the connection with my childhood?

'Cartoon Portrait Head' Shirt - Romwe

However, I think there are cheaper and more creative ways to channel this trend on a student budget. Many high street stores like Primark have children's sections full of cartoon prints (usually Simpsons merchandise!) and a boy's t-shirt, in a large size, would look great with the sleeves rolled up, high waisted jeans tough silver accessories and docs. You could even chop it up and make it into a crop but you’d have to be really brave to do that in this British chill!