Thursday, 15 August 2013

An Ode to the 'Ugly' Shoe

Stella McCartney A/W 2013 | Photos from

I think Stella McCartney A/W13 was one of the standout collections from London Fashion week. I love the influence of strong masculine tailoring. But it was one particular aspect the collection that I fell for: the spectacularly ugly shoes. It no secret that I've been a long time fan of 'ugly shoes' with my creepers and Dr Martens, so its hardly a surprise that these caught my eye. The treads of these Stella McCartney boots remind me of tractor wheels and wellingtons. Sadly I can't afford the real thing and I suspect I would turn a few heads (in the wrong way) if I turned up to a lecture in these so I went looking for some tamer high street versions.

These Jeffrey Campbell boots are pretty much a carbon copy (and still a bit fierce for me) but I do love the clean-cut white 'Scully' platforms with the ankle strap. They would particularly amazing in black with a white tread, like the ASOS 'Alfred' boots below.

I think as autumn approaches McCartney-inspired heavy tread boots will flood high street but these are the best I could find for the moment. The Vagabond boots (centre and top left) are my particular favourites.

While they don't have the heavy tread, my Topshop 'Astrix' boots kind of remind me of the McCartney boots. They're incredibly comfortable and therefore great for during the daytime. However, many people keep commenting on how high they are (??), perhaps I need to show them the Stella McCartney and Jeffrey Campbell boots above!

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  1. Just writing about these shoes myself! A great post, really enjoyed xx