Saturday, 26 December 2015

Pick of the Xmas Sales

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you've all had a great festive period and are suitably stuffed after yesterday's food-fest. This time of the year also signals the start of the winter sales so I figured I'd do a selection of the best sale picks I could find online. If you like anything I have posted then I recommend you act fast as the best stuff always goes very quickly. For example, I bought a couple of items from the Urban Outfitters sale on Christmas Eve and by the time I came to do this post today they had gone! I can't deal with the horrid stress of sales crowds and therefore online sales are perfect! You just have to know when to expect them - usually they're released online earlier than they are in store so 24th/25th of December. Also just a note to say sorry I haven't posted in a long time but my final year of university is proving to be very hard work so this semi-hiatus looks set to continue. However, I do really appreciate those who have stuck with the blog!


I'm guilty of picking a few of items I already own in a couple of these sale picks. In my Topshop picks I already own the cami, the chunky tread loafers, and the baseball-style sweatshirt. However, they're all items I wear to death so I have not got that annoying sinking feeling of having paid full price for something then having spotted it at half the price in a sale not long after! Perhaps some would disagree but I still don't feel like the 'mom' jean tread has completely run its course and these darker blue denim ones are the perfect turn-up jeans. I haven't really been into the light wash denim ones, perhaps because blue denim really isn't my 'thing', but these Topshop ones are a great compromise. The devore dress is not something I would usually go for but I think the detailing is stunning and it would look amazing with a pair of black glitter heels, matching clutch bag, and an OTT fur coat for a great night out look. I have this blue camisole in black and white and have found them absolutely invaluable. I highly recommend you snap this up now while its such a low price because they look great on their own in summer or layered under plaid shirts and fluffy cardigans in winter. The heavy tread on these loafers is reminiscent of the Stella McCartney treads. I have had these shoes for a few months now and I absolutely love them (unsurprising as I have already spoken at length about my affinity for ugly shoes!). However, I have had a very split opinion on them from friends and family!

Urban Outfitters

The Urban Outfitters sale is always great for jewellery because, as lovely as it is, it is eye-stingingly expensive at full non-sale price! If this gold square pendant was silver, I would have snapped it up right away. However, while I don't really suit gold, I do love simple jewellery and this would look so good over a simple black shift dress or bodycon. I bought the Cheap Monday paperclip necklace from their Carnaby Street store when I went down for LFW in September and have worn it pretty much daily ever since. The glitter clutch would make for a very classy night out bag or even just a jazzy makeup/wash bag. The Grafea leather bags are rather expensive but I think this is a sale bargain because a good quality leather backpack, this the one above, isn't going to go out of trend for some time yet. I have been digging these lace dresses, that verge dangerously on lingerie, all winter but just haven't found the perfect one yet. Perhaps I should invest in this one before it disappears!


A couple of years ago I bought the long-sleeved Gabby dress from Motel and despite only having worn it on a few occasions, its one of the best clothing purchases I have ever made. I get compliments on it every time I wear it and I don't feel like its out of trend yet. It is very similar to the Zabby dress I have included above. Some would say that dungarees and pinafores are over now but I still think there is a time and place for them. I see a lot of girls at raves and bars wearing glitter tops underneath pinafore dresses and they look fab, kind of wish I had got on board with that before christmas! The tie-dye suni dress would make for a great daytime purchase with docs and an oversized cocoon coat. I tried on the off-the-shoulder bodycon version of the rose printed dress above a few months ago in Ark. Sadly the style of dress just didn't suit me but I absolutely love the broken rose print.


Zara was by far the best sale I came across this year. They don't do massive discounts but they do put pretty much their entire website on sale so it is kind of worth it. I have been dithering over these massive scarves since Zara brought them out earlier this year and I really wanted the red and black version but I have this lovely tartan scarf from Urban Outfitters that serves me well so there really wasn't any point! The coat in the centre is very Celine and I think, providing it isn't too thick, would take you through to spring. However, if you want to channel the Celine vibe without committing to something big like this coat then I recommend the skirt in the bottom left hand corner. The checked lingerie dress is another lust item from Zara. On their website they have styled it over a black turtleneck which is something I would never have thought of but its a pretty genius way of making something small and slinky weather appropriate for winter!

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Resurrection of the Kick Hi's

The Stone Roses - (Image credit)

Lately I've noticed a trend resurgence for Kickers. For me, this brand rekindles memories of many pairs of well loved and well worn school shoes. Out of all the Kickers I had, there was one pair of chunky black buckled heels that I was particularly fond of. However, the Kickers shoe of choice now is the legendary 'Kick Hi' boot.

Kickers 'Kick Hi' boots in Red | Kickers 'Kick Hi' boots in Tan

Kickers is a french brand founded in 1970 and the first 'Kick Hi' boot surfaced in 1975. It has become famous for its musical connections. Being worn by the likes of Roger Daltrey of The Who fame (below). It later became popular amongst the acid house scene before becoming synonymous with the 'Madchester' and Brit Pop scene in the 1990s. Kick Hi's have always made me think of The Stone Roses because of their Fools Gold video. Hence my poor attempt at a Stone Roses reference in the title of this blog post. 

Kickers advert featuring The Who's Roger Daltrey - (Image Credit)

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker - (image credit)

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker is also a notable Kick Hi fan. I saw him at Sheffield train station the other day and I didn't say anything too him - I got too scared! I am kicking myself now a bit as Jarvis Cocker is one of my heroes. However, I'm sure I would have made a bit of a tit of myself by having a verbal vomit about how much I love 'Different Class' so perhaps its for the best that I did not approach him!

Lazy Oaf x Kickers collaboration - (Lazy oaf website)

Kickers also did a collaboration with a long time favourite of mine... Lazy Oaf! I have been a fan of independent clothing brand Lazy Oaf since their days based at Superette just off Brick Lane when they shared shop space with one of my favourite jewellery brands 'Lady Luck Rules OK!'. Sadly the latter is no more but Lazy Oaf have gone from strength to strength over recent years. Kickers is just one of the big name brands they have collaborated with in recent years. The collaboration also included a fab pair of Kick Hi brogues but I believe the whole collection has now sadly sold out.

Kickers 'Kick Hi' in Black Pink - £75 -  Office

I saw a girl wearing a navy pair with black jeans in manchester last week and that what got me thinking about Kickers. As great as the navy pair were, I spotted these black Kick Hi's in Office recently with the pink stitch detail and laces so if I was going to invest in a pair (and lets face it, I probably will) then I reckon these will be the ones. I am a complete Dr Martens devotee but I think Kick Hi's are a bit easier to wear for those who find DM's a bit fierce!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

An Ode to the Tartan trouser

I recently wrote about my soft spot for big ugly shoes. Well, on a similar 'necessities' theme I thought I'd divulge my affinity for all things checked and tartan. For the last couple of years I've been loosely on the search for the perfect pair of tartan/checked trousers after I spotted this image on tumblr:

Original Tumblr inspiration image

(L): Asos / (R): Topshop

Its funny how style and tastes evolve as I'm now not quite as mad about the Tumblr ones as I once was. I found my first pair in Topshop last year and then my new ones from ASOS were originally spotted in the ASOS magazine feature about Brit Marling a few weeks ago. They're quite a loose fit but they're considerably more comfortable than the Topshop ones - I couldn't wear those to a big meal or a day of lectures! I popped into River Island a few days ago and spotted another pair (thankfully I restrained myself and didn't buy them but they are fab). I'm reluctant to include a photo of them as the website picture does them no justice at all. In reality they're a deeper red and have really nice black detailing. These Topshop boutique ones are also lovely and, like my ASOS checked trousers, are available as a full suit. Obviously I'm aiming to dress these kind of trousers down a bit so I'm not really interested in matching jackets but these could look amazing as something a bit more alternative to a formal event or as work wear. I'll probably leave them as I've got a couple of other pairs of printed trousers and I have to be realistic about my student budget.

Last year looking for a pair of tartan trousers was like looking for a needle in a haystack. But after Fall collections from the likes of YSL, the high street is inundated with them. Mango, Zara, and River Island are notable for their punk inspired collections this autumn. However, I think you have to be careful with tartan trousers as for many people they incite images of badly dressed punks and old ladies - definitely avoid the ones with copious amounts of zips, safety pins, and straps! If you aren't feeling the trousers then I think there are many alternative ways to work tartan and checks into your winter wardrobe.

Saint Laurent F/W13 - Image credit:

Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent (still struggling with the name change a bit!) collection,  with its juxtaposition of gentle feminine fabrics and textures against metal and leather, was fantastic. Usually the term 'grunge inspired' incites an eye-roll from me but I do see elements of it in this collection. (It could be argued that high fashion can never be grunge, but thats a blog post for a rainy day.) It got me thinking of different examples of how to work tartan and checks. I liked how delicate black lace slips were paired with tough black boots and oversized checked shirts and cardigans. You can also find plenty of tartan tea dresses on the high street which are great if your tastes are more on the gentle and delicate side.

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Oversized white shirt - Urban Outfitters (on sale) | Checked trousers - ASOS | Triangle pendant necklace - ASOS 
'Drenge' LP by Drenge - Piccadilly Records

Thursday, 15 August 2013

An Ode to the 'Ugly' Shoe

Stella McCartney A/W 2013 | Photos from

I think Stella McCartney A/W13 was one of the standout collections from London Fashion week. I love the influence of strong masculine tailoring. But it was one particular aspect the collection that I fell for: the spectacularly ugly shoes. It no secret that I've been a long time fan of 'ugly shoes' with my creepers and Dr Martens, so its hardly a surprise that these caught my eye. The treads of these Stella McCartney boots remind me of tractor wheels and wellingtons. Sadly I can't afford the real thing and I suspect I would turn a few heads (in the wrong way) if I turned up to a lecture in these so I went looking for some tamer high street versions.

These Jeffrey Campbell boots are pretty much a carbon copy (and still a bit fierce for me) but I do love the clean-cut white 'Scully' platforms with the ankle strap. They would particularly amazing in black with a white tread, like the ASOS 'Alfred' boots below.

I think as autumn approaches McCartney-inspired heavy tread boots will flood high street but these are the best I could find for the moment. The Vagabond boots (centre and top left) are my particular favourites.

While they don't have the heavy tread, my Topshop 'Astrix' boots kind of remind me of the McCartney boots. They're incredibly comfortable and therefore great for during the daytime. However, many people keep commenting on how high they are (??), perhaps I need to show them the Stella McCartney and Jeffrey Campbell boots above!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

A/W 13 Mood Board

Image credits: Tumblr / Elle Collections / ASOS Magazine / Mango / Ebay / Fashion Toast

Felt like throwing together a quick mood board of all the things I've been into lately. The hot weather went away and I've started thinking about A/W already! I'm loving tailored layering, grunge, silver and massive flatforms. Desperate to get my hands on the Mango ones in the top left hand corner to pair with the fab checked trousers I've just bought from ASOS (pictured on a jumping Brit Marling above for ASOS Magazine).

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Long time, no speak

I thought I'd just catch up quickly with what the past couple of months have contained for me. I've got some blog posts in the pipeline so things should be fairly back to normal soon. (Got a pinafore dress on the way to me in the post, yeah!)

I have uni exams in early June so my time has pretty much been consumed by this:

However, the past couple of months have not consisted entirely of this. I also went out dressed as a golfer to celebrate handing in our massive 5k essays, which didn't go very smoothly after West St Live (if you're from Sheffield, you'll know):

(me in center)

I visited a housemate in Manchester and was treated to amazing weather. We just hung out in his garden all day:

Many months of saving have accumulated in a new turntable/amp/speaker setup. My old record player was one of those all-in-one jobs and it sounded like the music was being played through a tin can which was not good! This new one is amazing and its such a pleasure to be able to listen to records again:

A few recent record purchases:

(L-R: 'Sufer Rosa - Pixies, 'Repeater' - Fugazi, 'An Awesome Wave' - Alt-J)

Back to fashion-related posts soon I promise!