Sunday, 19 August 2012

Louise Gray for Topshop

When it comes to the Scottish fashion designer Louise Gray, think glitter (LOTS of glitter), fun, colour explosions, clashing prints and organised chaos. Gray has recently joined the likes of Mary Katrantzou and Christopher Kane and has collaborated with British high street giant, Topshop. Interestingly, it is the first makeup collaboration Topshop have ever done and there is quite a bit of excitement surrounding it.

Louise Gray (image credit)

Louise Gray Fall 2012

The clothing collection is only a very compact one with six pieces but I think that together they sum up Louise Gray's style. A style that has been generating much excitement at LFW since she burst onto the scene in 2007. For me, personally, there are a bit to many sequins going on and I certainly couldn't wear them casually (though I wish I had the guts to!). However, this t-shirt below is amazing and with it's long length I could see it being a perfect dress for a night out with a pair of ruby red heels.

Sequin Long T-Shirt (image credit)

Louise Gray for Topshop trousers

Unsurprisingly, the makeup collection channels Gray's signature eccentric style. It is all about strong colours and adventurous looks. Gray is rarely seen without her strong eye makeup which reminds me of a child that has been let loose on their mother's makeup (in the best possible way!). The collection includes blusher, lipstick, glitter, eye liner, nail varnish and surprisingly even makeup brushes. In an interview for The Sunday Times Gray explained that she wanted everything right down to the packaging to have the wow factor.

Mascara (image credit)

Lipstick in 'Legend' (image credit)

Nail Varnish 'Junkyard' (image credit)

I'm not very adventurous with make-up; liquid eyeliner or a smokey eye on a night out is about as crazy as it gets. However, I'd like to try this collection as perhaps it'd encourage me to change my ways! While I doubt I'll be walking down the street with blue and orange lines around my eyes any time soon, it might encourage me to venture into brighter colours and different looks. I do particularly envy that Gray doesn't care what onlookers think. I also love that she is modelling the collection herself as its a bright and colourful collection so who better to do it!

This collection goes on sale this Friday.


  1. i love the look of the make-up collection, definitely going to have to have a look in store!x