Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Alexander Wang at Balenciaga

Again, sorry to be massively late on posting about such big news but uni work blah blah blah. Perhaps I haven't been paying attention to fashion news very well lately but I definitely did not see this one coming. However, now it has happened, it totally makes sense. Wang's style is very much in keeping with Balenciaga's clean cut image. Wang is still maintaining his own label which enforces the idea that he will try something a bit new at the helm of Balenciaga. This is an opportunity to maximise on the opportunities that an established fashion house can provide for someone who is still a relatively new designer.

Its interesting that many believed Christopher Kane to be the next at the helm. Perhaps he is headed for a role at a major fashion house in the next few years. I can image Christopher Kane at Burberry for some reason (not that I want Christopher Bailey to leave!).

Now my university deadlines are over and the holidays approach, hoping to make more frequent posts. Ordered the Motel Gabby dress in Iridescent green the other day so I'll post about that when it arrives and some christmas wishlists etc.

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