Thursday, 12 April 2012

Asymmetrical Hems

One of my latest obsessions is asymmetrical hems. Its a trend thats been on the scene for quite some time now and I've always been aware of it but it's only recently that I've started to feel the need for one. I have an amazing Cheap Monday shirt with an asymmetrical hem (which unfortunately I've left at uni so no photo!), however, I want something really colourful or exciting whether that be a skirt or a dress.

This Topshop skirt is amazing but I just don't understand the £55 price tag. Thats silk price not polyester, come on Topshop! I hope this isn't the start of a price increase as I can barely afford Topshop as it is. have a huge range of pieces with asymmetrical hems at the moment. With regards to an earlier post, the cobalt blue dress obviously caught my eye! I also love the stripy version but after being told repeatedly this weekend that I looked like a referee in my new striped shirt (I'm doing a recent purchases post soon so I'll show you it in that), I'm having to reconsider stripes.

Sticking with the blue theme, I also love this skirt from Zara. One of the biggest problems I get with asymmetrical skirts is that they're far too short in the front. Brands seem to want to make up for the length at the back by chopping it to knicker level at the front. However, this is a lovely midi/maxi combination. Zara seem to be getting it so right this season, I love most of the stuff they've got in.

While not strictly asymmetrical I couldn't help but include this Romwe skirt, though the black isn't really ideal for Spring/Summer. I'd pair it with some bright on the top to get away with it.


  1. that topshop one is gorrrgeous but just psycho over priced! i actually really like that striped missguided one, i might have to have a browse on their website they're pretty good at the moment.. x

  2. love the first skirt,its colour just great!

    would love to follow each other, i just started.

    xx mimi

  3. I love this trend! The striped dress is gorgeous! xxx