Sunday, 29 April 2012

Summer Staples

As a student I can hardly afford to buy clothes on a whim and therefore I tend to consider purchases carefully, thinking about how much wear I would actually get out of X item of clothing and do I have own anything that would actually go with it?

Anyway, for those on a budget this season I've tried to put together a few staple items that adhere to the trends but don't require you to keep buying clothes all summer long. I'm not suggesting you buy these specific items/do the suggested DIY's but I've written about them just to give ideas of how to work S/S12 trends into your wardrobe without breaking the bank.


I'd probably stud these beyond recognition but worn with a simple black or cream shirt, with no tights and these would look great. To dress down a bit on holiday you could pop them on over your bikini or wear with a simple crop. The key to something like this is to make them the most interesting part of your outfit.


I've never been a pastel person, I'm horribly pale which means any gentle pastel colours wash me out. However, it's a key trend for this summer so if you've got the right complexion for it, do it! I've gone for this chiffon mint shirt because it's a item that can be taken through to winter with some heavier accessories and some knitwear.

H&M Dress - £49.99

I really wanted to include trousers for the 'Striking Florals' staple but they hard to work unless you have A LOT of clothes (which I don't) so I'd probably work Katrantzou style florals into my wardrobe in dress form. Motel, Zara and H&M are doing some of the best dresses I've seen on the high street this Spring.


Metallics are big this spring, particularly in clothing but on a student budget I think the best way to do it is through bold jewellery instead. For example, I'm seeing these gold/silver neck cuffs everywhere at the moment and they look great under the collar of a shirt. I think that metallic trousers would look great this season but by next season you're going to be left with them thinking 'Am I really ever going to wear these again?'


Rather predictably my favourite trend this spring. When I think of 'grunge' I think of the 90s, Nirvana and oversized checked shirts, which is exactly how I'm embracing the trend. The bigger the better with the checked shirt, a men's vintage shirt would be ideal worn over leggings and docs. (I know, I've just done the dirty deed and suggested wearing leggings as trousers on their own but as a general rule, if it covers your crotch, it's okay!) You could also combine the trends with this one - for example, a lot of stores are doing pastel items adorned with studs, zips and spikes at the moment. Or simply get onto Ebay, order a pack of studs and go to town on an old tatty denim shirt! I found this great DIY on 'a pair and a spare'.

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