Saturday, 21 April 2012

Recent purchases

Finally getting round to posting some of my recent purchases. I'll start with the vintage offerings:

I've always been more a high street person than a vintage person but as a student I've been slowly learning to embrace vintage shopping. I find the best thing to do if to go into a vintage shop with a loose trend in mind (eg. Katrantzou style florals) and look for pieces that work into that well, it is much cheaper than the high street and a great deal more fun. I got this reworked checked shirt dress from Cow vintage in Sheffield. I've been after a checked shirt for ages but for some reason they simply don't suit me so this was a good solution. It's turned out to be a fantastic gig dress where I tend to team it with a necklace under the oxford collar, black tights and docs.

When Hugo took me into Beyond Retro on Great Marlborough St in London I was adamant I wasn't going to buy anything as I'm horribly skint at the moment (student, so go figure...). However, this shirt instantly caught my eye, partly because it's striped, but primarily because of the utterly amazing back! The front is a bit 1980s for my tastes and if the back cut-out wasn't there then I probably would have left it. However, I knew if I left it behind then I would never come across anything like it again so I succumbed and bought it. I received complements every time I've worn it but I've also received some "you look like a referee love" slurs. Now the sailor/nautical references I can accept but since when has a referee ever been sighted in a shirt with a fabulous back cut-out? (Perhaps its time...) It's a shame some can't appreciate this shirt!

The short-lived burst of hot weather at the end of March ignited my search for sun dresses and I found this Leopard printed delight in the Oxford Circus branch of Topshop. I haven't had the chance to wear it yet as the sun promptly went away. Its going to turn into a waste of a purchase if I don't wear it soon and I hate it when that happens so I think I'll probably team it with tights and a cardigan/jacket for the time being.

Continuting the Leopard theme, (albeit in a different sense) I saw someone wearing this shirt a few weeks back and loved it. The stud detailing on the collar is the main attraction and the literal leopard print is lovely! Fits really nicely as well, a lot of my shirts gape a bit at the chest, despite being the right size in the shoulders and arms, and it's not a good look so I've started to size up in favour of this not happening. Although I am chuffed with this purchase, another shirt initially caught my eye.. a chiffon white shirt with a studded collar. However, it was price at £60 which is simply out of the question on a shoe string!

Nothing much to say about these earrings really. Studs, chains and half price - perfect!

I posted a week or two back about my ill-foresaken search for sunglasses that finally ended in success with this pair from Urban Outfitters. They are not what I expected to end up with but they suit me so I didn't question.

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