Monday, 2 April 2012

Jeffrey Campbell x Black Milk

I, like every other blogger, have been lusting over the much coveted Jeffrey Campbell Lita since early last year. At around £120 I've never been able to justify (or afford) buying a pair. My mum was very baffled late last year when I spotted a pair in the window of Urban Outfitters and virtually sprinted in to try a pair on - such a bad idea as now I know how wonderful they are on and off, sigh. After wholeheartedly jumping on the bandwagon and spending a few months flooding my tumblr with pictures of them I finally accepted that they wouldn't be mine and put them to the back of my mind. However, the recent collaboration with Black Milk has emerged online and it's only renewed my pining for a pair of Litas, particularly the Litas with the comic strip print.

Lita Fab - Sick of Men

The collaboration extends beyonds the Lita into other shoes such as the Damsel and Night Lita. The Bone print has been inspired by the wonderful Alexander McQueen. I can definitely see the late designer's style echoed in this dark print and the Damsel's are putting up strong contention against the comic strip Litas as my favourite in this collaboration. However, I'm unsure of the galaxy print ones but they're a Tumblr tween's wet dream at any rate.

Damsel - Bone Machine

Night Lita - Rainbow Galaxy

They're available to order on Solestruck at the moment and are priced between £118 - £155. Unfortunately I won't be doing so but for those lucky enough to be able to, here is the link.