Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sunglasses Woes

This is going to turn into the ultimate #whitegirlproblems post but I've finally found a pair of sunglasses! For those who know me well, this is a momentous occasion. Whenever the sun comes out and everybody reaches for their Ray Bans, I usually start complaining about my sunglasses problems. Why I have I never found a pair of sunglasses that suit me? (with the exception of Nile's Ray Bans but at £120 I had to forget about those)

I've throughly exhausted ASOS and probably pissed off the customer services department by returning every pair I ordered - which was a lot. I really loved this pair of matte keyhole sunglasses, but my face somehow morphed them into an atrocity.

For some strange reason I thought I'd be able to work the John Lennons. Needless to say, I couldn't. Thankfully there is no photo to prove this but here are some of my favourite round sunglasses:

ASOS/Topshop/Jeremy Scott

I even scoured the various markets in London, with their hundreds of cheap sunglasses stalls, but nope - nothing, much to Hugo's annoyance after being dragged round them all.

Camden Market (image credit)

Here are some disastrous efforts from the past that eventually fell into my Mum's possession as she has the ability to make any sunglasses work. Even the dire 2008 Topshop bug-eyed sunglasses (in my defence they were all the rage back then).

I finally found a pair of sunglasses that suited me in Urban Outfitters. And this was after visiting the flagship Topshop that quite literally has hundreds of pairs of sunglasses on offer at the moment. They're not what I expected to suit me and perhaps I should have loosened my grip on the Ray Ban copies earlier and accepted that they simply did not suit me (unlike the real thing but alas...)

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  1. This amused me, I have the same problem, and I never fail to morph a pair of sunglasses into an atrocity... very upsetting. But, I'm glad you found a pair, the search begins tomorrow for me x