Monday, 2 April 2012

Top Vintage Shops in Sheffield

I go to university in Sheffield and therefore know the city like the back of my hand so I figured I'd do a rundown of the best vintage shops in the city. These are not all of them by any means. I don't own a great deal of vintage clothes as I struggle to search through masses of unorganised clothes but once in a blue moon I'll find a really great piece and for me thats the biggest joy of vintage shopping. I feel I should give a cursory mention to a new vintage shop that has opened on Division street (in what used to be the G-Star shop). I personally haven't bought anything from there but my boyfriend has got a few things and rates it pretty highly. Annoyingly it doesn't yet seem to have a proper name!

Cow Vintage – 156-160 West Street

It is impossible to miss the blindingly yellow exterior of Cow Vintage on West Street. Upon entering Cow it is easy to see why the shop is a firm favourite amongst vintage shoppers. For those who find it headache-inducing rummaging through unorganised rails and boxes of moth-eaten clothes, then Cow is definitely for you – it’s layout makes vintage shopping a pleasure. Unfortunately, Cow tends to be on the pricier end of vintage shopping as it's part of a large-ish chain (you can find Cow Vintage in most major cities) but it is not impossible to find some hidden gems. Tip: The upstairs sale room is perfect for budget fancy dress.

Bang Bang Vintage – 19 Westfield Terrace

Bang Bang is perfect for girly cocktail dresses and quirky accessories. In a similar manner to larger vintage chains such as Pop Boutique, Bang Bang rework a great deal of the clothing they stock so you don’t need to worry about getting handy with the sewing machine yourself. It is definitely one of the more reasonably priced vintage shops in Sheffield and therefore it is a must for stylish student purses.

The Front Parlour – 300 Sharrow Vale Road

Situated in Hunters Bar, The Front Parlour is a bit off the beaten track but well worth a visit. It stocks mostly 1920s – 1950s vintage clothing and accessories and therefore is more suited to the more serious vintage shoppers. However, I would highly recommend a visit for curiosity’s sake. Every item is lovingly hand labelled with details about the garment’s age and background and don’t be fooled by the tiny interior of the shop, I could have spent hours in there browsing.

Freshmans Vintage – 6-8 Carver Street

Freshmans is undoubtedly my favourite vintage shop in Sheffield.  The menswear is slightly more extensive than the women’s section but this is not necessarily a bad thing – they have some great boyfriend-style baggy jumpers and checked shirts. As well as good quality vintage clothing, Freshmans also stock some smaller labels and are generally good for price.

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