Monday, 9 April 2012

Mary Katrantzou

Sorry I have been away for a few days. Spent the weekend up in the Lake District with some uni friends, had a great time despite the fairly grim weather!

I've been wanting to write about one of my latest designer obsessions for quite some time. Greek designer Mary Katrantzou only really entered into my radar late last year despite having been around on the scene for quite some time. I've become obsessed with her fantastic prints, clashing florals and amazing attention to detail. I'm over the moon that she has influenced some of the biggest trends this spring as her style of prints seem to be all over the high street at the moment.

Mary Katrantzou spring 2012

Although I love the prints from her Spring 2012 collection, Fall 2012 is by far my favourite Mary Katrantzou collection. It contains some of the most amazing pieces of clothing I have ever seen (I mean, come on look at the literal pencil skirt!)

Crazy/amazing detailing from her fall 2012 collection

Fall 2012

Here are some ways to channel Mary Katrantzou on a budget this Spring:


  1. I think I need those Zara printed trousers in my life...NOW!!!

  2. Her designs are mad but I LOVE them. Have you seen the range she did for Topshop? Yeah it sold out like immediately. Dammit! Anyway newest follower here :) check out the giveaway on my blog and follow back? Kisses x